Fifty years have passed since our high school graduation. Tragically we have lost many of our classmates much too soon. However, the rest of us are at a point when we are taking measure of the lives we have lived. We are counting our blessings and realizing that we each have a need for our lives to have meaning. This need is at the roots of what makes us uniquely human.

All of us on the Reunion Committee have been very busy for six months already, trying to plan an unforgettable “long weekend” from September 20 – 23, 2018. It is our hope that many of you will plan on attending many of the activities. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at our reunion…to celebrate our lives, our friendships and our precious memories.


Christine Semeraro Gregory

The source of the deepest joy in my life and enduring happiness is my family. My relationship with my husband for the past forty-two years has provided me with strength to get through some difficult times. Together we have raised three amazing children…each one a source of immeasurable pride. We have also been blessed with six very unique and special grandchildren.

For over four decades I taught history, politics and economics at Cortland Junior-Senior High School. I read once that by deciding to become a teacher one has an unparalleled opportunity to influence young people who will lead the way into the future and make the decisions that will impact the course of the world. Nothing can be more important than that. Teachers are immortal in that they remain alive as long as there are others walking around this planet who were in some way helped by the compassionate efforts of teachers. As important as the content I taught, I encouraged my students to respect diversity and equality. I attempted to show them the importance of caring for all those whose lives they touch and encouraged them to give back to their community so that they leave the world a better place than they found it.

I have now been “retired” for three years….what an interesting adventure these years have been. The opportunity to travel to many beautiful places around the world has enriched my life. It is said that music is food for the soul…well, I can say that my soul has been very well fed indeed. The concerts I have attended have been wonderful experiences. Additionally, I have been very fortunate to “return home” to SUNY Cortland where my passion for teaching was ignited so many decades ago. I am currently an adjunct lecturer in the History Department and the “academic coach” for the Red Dragon Football Team. I also continue to work on behalf of all the students in our Cortland community as a member of the Board of Education. Finally, retirement has provided me with the time to search for my birth parents. After an exhaustive two-year search, with the help of numerous talented experts, I found the answers to questions I have been asking my entire life. My birth father passed away many years ago, but I was blessed to have met the woman who gave me life. I met my birth mother in June. The warmth, love and joy with which I have been welcomed into my “new” family have enriched my life immeasurably.

I used to think that the destination in life was what was important, but it turns out that it is the journey itself that has the greatest meaning. We can’t control our destiny…but we can accept whatever life has in store for us with grace and dignity. We can live for the moment, for today, because there is no way of knowing what tomorrow may bring.

Jennifer White

I have lived in Cortland County for most of my life, except for a few years in southern California in the 70’s.  Last year I bought an historic house in Natchez, MS where I’m now living.  I graduated from SUNY Cortland in 1988 with a BA in Sociology-Anthropology, but have become a jack of all trades.  One of these trades is landscaping, especially trimming shrubs, which I enjoy, because I like to be outdoors in warm weather.  I like to travel, especially taking cruises. So as of December 2016, I have been on nine cruises with Norman, my companion of 35 years.  I enjoy dancing with Kevin, my other friend, whom I have known for several years.  Over the years I have enjoyed my feline and canine companions.  I look forward to my future in Mississippi.

Pam Penoyer Cincotta

Happy wife and mother to two sons and one daughter. Very happy grandmother to three amazing, beautiful and kind granddaughters. Teacher for 37 years all at Parker School in Cortland and retired. Addicted to all things family, jazzercising, organizing, reading, wine and Netflix binge watching. Grateful for a good healthful life!

Carol Miller Congdon

I’ve lived in lots of nearby places, as well as San Francisco 1970, and always returned to Cortland where I am currently living. My life has been involved with family. I have two sons, who both live here, grandkids ranging in age from 7 years old to 24 years old! And now, Great-Grand kids, with twin girls due any day!
I spent 20 years at our local Kmart, the last 5 were on an overnight crew there. When I took a retirement from the big K, I went to TC3 (at age 48) and graduated with an associate degree in Human Services. From there I worked at our local hospital for 13 years- (also on 2nd and 3rd shift) in the ER. I’d say my education is complete, now, except that I continue to learn from daily reading, friends, and general life experiences! My quote today would be, “Continue to learn, Keep an open mind, and Grow in generosity and Love”. Those are my values, along with Lots of laughter!!

Connie McCaskill Ruane

Hi Everyone! Can’t believe it’s been almost 50 years. I have been living in Cortland with my husband, Tom, of 44 years. We have two children- Michael (38) and Theresa (32). They live in NJ and NC, so we do a lot of visiting. After 25 years in banking, I went back to my first love-children. I have been subbing in the Cortland School District for almost 15 years. I also have been volunteering in Girl Scouts for the last 26 years. My husband and I both enjoy golfing and have played at many different courses while vacationing in Myrtle Beach. Hope that many of you will come home for the festivities next September. Let’s celebrate turning 68 with the Class of ’68!

Brenda Yale Modery

I was born in the great year of 1950-the beginning of a new decade where changes were numerous. Also, it makes it very easy to figure out the number of your age at any given time period.

I have gone through ups and downs like everyone else and thankfully, the ups have been more plentiful! In the words of Bernie Taupin… “I’M STILL STANDING AFTER ALL THIS TIME”.

The most joyful event in my life was giving birth to my daughter! Through her, I have become a stronger, wiser and happier person. I am very lucky to have friends, family and puppy dogs who have also made my world a better place.

Traveling the USA is my passion, especially in the West. Please visit and support our National Parks!

Yes, life has been pretty good so far and I look forward to many more adventures in which to partake.

My message to our “Class of 68” –

“We are all in each other’s life for a reason-thank you for showing up!”

Linda Rosato Kline

I’m still living in Cortland and married to my High School sweetheart for 48 years. Throughout my life I’ve been an assistant to an orthodontist, spent 28 years at St. Mary’s Parochial School in the art department teaching first and second grade students. I am chairperson to the City of Cortland’s Historic Commission, for which I’ve served over twenty years and still going. My husband and I have a construction business and properties we own. I have two sons and two daughters. Among them they have given me twelve fantastic grandchildren. I enjoy being with Bill, time spent with my family, painting houses, landscaping and getting away on trips.

Bill Kulikowsky

Since graduating from good ‘ol CHS, I received a 2 year degree from SUNY Cobleskill, where I met my wife of 46 yrs. I continued on to receive undergraduate and graduate degrees in teaching from SUNY Cortland and that led to a wonderful 32 year career at Homer High School. I “retired” in 2005 and since then, I have been a permanent substitute at Cortland High School and I am still enjoying the ups and downs of junior and senior high school student life. It is truly rewarding. My wife and I, other than college, have always lived in the Cortland/Homer area where we raised our 3 children. We are also the proud grandparents of 3 grandsons. I am looking forward to seeing all those classmates that can make it to our 50th reunion.

Mike Petrella

After CHS, I attended ACC along with several other fellow alumni. We all graduated, believe it or not. I then moved on to continue my education but got really bored with school. I accepted a job at the Cortland Fire Department thinking it only to be a temporary stop in life with a little excitement. I retired as a captain 33 years later. It was a FANTASTIC ride but the excitement was over. Along the way I married my high school sweet heart Wanda Dolly, a “Homer Girl”, raised 3 children, and ran a successful part time landscaping business. I now find great joy spending time with my wife, God, 11 grandchildren, fishing and hunting.

Joan McKendrick Blaich

Hi Everyone! Hard to believe the 50th year is approaching.

Let’s see……I am the mother of four wonderful children and the grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren!!!

After CHS, I attended ACC, then arrived in Syracuse where I have remained for 47 years. I worked in the Syracuse City School District for 31 years and also had a successful sewing business. It wasn’t until 2000 that I completed my degree in Elementary Education (a late bloomer) on the same day my third child completed hers. Only I was granted my degree one hour before she received hers, so technically I had my four-year degree before any of my children (couldn’t have a child with a higher degree than the mother). We both received our Masters again on the same day!

I’m now retired and working a couple days at SU Coaches Center and events at the Carrier Dome. Avid SU fans at my house. I enjoy time with my family, reading, swimming, time with my family, all sports, friends and each day as it comes. Did I mention time with my family????

I look forward to seeing you at the 50th. 🙂


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